Innova Disc Golf Drivers – Multiple Choices *SALE*


Innova Disc Golf Drivers are available in various plastic types including DX, Champion, Gstar, MF and Pro. One of the world’s most popular brands for Disc Golf, Innova has been making top of the line golf discs for decades.

*All Discs are brand New but were displayed*
*Colour may vary slightly from image*

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Our selection of Golf Disc Drivers come in a variety of plastic types, each with its own unique properties. Innova DX plastic offers great grip at a great price, Champion plastic offers the highest durability and Star plastic offers the durability of the Champion line plus the enhanced grip of the Pro line.

*All Discs are brand New but were displayed*
Colour may vary slightly from image*

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Golf Disc

Champion Ape Orange 175g, Champion Ape Yellow 172g, Champion Blizzard Wraith Red No Weight 170g?, Champion Daedalus Orange No Weight 170g?, Champion Daedalus Yellow 175G, Champion Monster Yellow 172, Champion Vulcan Green 175g, Champion Vulcan Orange 171g, Champion Vulcan Yellow 168, DX Beast Yellow 167g, DX Boss Orange 175g, DX Boss Pink 170g, DX Boss Red 170g, DX Boss White 175g, DX Firebird Pink 175g, DX Firebird Yelllow 170g, DX Katana Orange 175g, DX Katana Pink 175g, DX Orc Blue 172g, DX Orc Blue 175g, DX Orc Ugly Orange 170g, DX Orc Yellow 175g, DX Sidewinder Orange 172g, DX Sidewinder Pink 175g, DX Starfire Blue 150g, DX Starfire Pink 175g, DX Valkyrie Orange 168g, DX Valkyrie Pink 168g, DX Valkyrie Yellow 175g, DX Wraith Orange 175g, DX Wraith Red 164g, GStar Daedalus Blue 175g, GStar Daedalus Purple 175g, GStar Mamba Blue 171g, GStar MB Mamba Blue Sparkle 171g, GStar Shryke Green 175g, GStar Shryke Orange 175g, GStar Shryke Red 171g, GStar Tern Red No Weight 170g?, Pro Boss Yellow 168g


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