Ztringz Original Rainbow Rope x 12 packs


Nowstalgic Toys Ztringz Original Rainbow Rope pack of 2 is a perfect nostalgic toy for any age. This rainbow colored rope string is great for creating unique patterns, like Jacobs Ladder or playing cat’s cradle. Lightweight, easy to use and great to travel each pack comes with two ztringz.
  • Each package includes 2 ztringz.
  • Ztringz is the original rainbow string. An old game from days gone by redesigned and modernized
  • The pack includes a template with 20 different loops and combinations

*This is for a total of twelve packs of ztringz. Great for a birthday party, loot bags, gift bags, etc…..

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*This is for a total of twelve packs of ztringz


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