Prism Zephyr

$329.00 $289.00

The Zephyr is a dream machine for light wind flying with finesse.



Finesse. The Zephyr is a light wind dream machine. Float on the breeze. Stall, slide, pirouette on a dime with a flick of the wrist. Beautifully balanced, the Zephyr is an aerobatic stylist. It floats on its back and can carve laser-sharp lines, effortlessly.

The Zephyr is tricked out for pilots. No-snag leading edge pockets. Yo-yo stoppers on the wings. Leechline for stealth flight. Variable center of gravity. Tune it for your style and get ready to amaze.

A low-wind dream needs feather-light materials to be responsive to the subtlest touch. The high-aspect sail is Icarex polyester and Mylar laminate. It won’t absorb water or stretch out on those humid days. The frame is hand-wrapped SkyShark tapered carbon spars. Very fancy. Very light. Includes Dyneema flying lines with flight straps and a full length zippered sleeve.

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