Prism Tube Tail 20′


Eye-catching tube tails inflate in flight to add drama to any single or dual-line kite. Swivel clip attaches to virtually any kite so you can clip one or more onto the spine, wingtips, or your flying line. Comes in a handy drawstring pouch for easy storage and multiples can be joined end to end for extra pizazz. Velcro closure at the tip makes it easy to drain sand and air as you put it away.

The 20 footer makes a great add-on for single line kites, as “line laundry” to decorate your line, or for small dual-line kites


The 20-foot Tube Tail comes in five colours – Black and White, Spectrum (Rainbow), Aurora, Infrared and Ultraviolet – for mesmerizing shows in the sky.

Please note – this item is for a kite tail only. It does not include a kite


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