Molkky in Cardboard Box


Molkky is an excellent skittles game of Finnish origin. The rules are simple: throw the Molkky throwing stick at the numbered pins. Knock over a single pin to score the number on that skittle or else you simply get a point for each skittle knocked over – this subtle ruling is what makes the game interesting. The winner is the first player to knock down exactly 50 points worth of pins, but if you go over you are bust and go back down to 25.

This version of Molkky is designed and manufactured in Finland by Tactic Games. Whilst not full-size, it is still a good size for play and ideal for newcomers to the game. The compact size also means this set is very portable.

Supplied in a cardboard storage box, the throwing stick is 20cm long and the skittles are around 13cm. Access to a free scoring app is included, as are a set of rules.

Molkky is terrific for a gathering of children and/or adults and can be played one-on-one, in teams or in larger groups.



Plan your throw on every go in the outdoor game with a difference. Every skittle scores a little… But the more you score, the further apart the skittles get!

Beautifully made in real wood, Molkky is a simple and hugely-popular family game. Set the skittles in place… Take aim and throw the pin: reach 50 points to win! Score OVER 50 and your total drops down to 25. Perfect for beaches, parks, picnics, playgrounds and gardens. 2+ players; age 6+

This items skittles and pins are slightly smaller than the standard size Molkky


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