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Aerobie Superdisc Ultra


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Aerobie Superdisc Ultra

The Superdisc Ultra was introduced in response to the clamor of the many fans of the Superdisc for a larger, heavier version. The original Aerobie Superdisc with its patented spoiler rim design was introduced in 1995 and quickly became a favorite. People love its remarkably stable, accurate flights and soft rubber edge. The spoiler rim makes a disc very easy for people of all skill levels to throw well. The Superdisc Ultra has the same spoiler rim and soft rubber edge but it is 20% larger and 36% heavier. The Superdisc Ultra is designed for those that want the top of the line Aerobie flying disc. The Superdisc Ultra has a soft rubber edge that has many benefits. It provides a great grip for strong throws, it is soft to catch, and it does not develop sharp scratches and burrs like a conventional disc when it hits pavement.



Like all Aerobie discs (and unlike Aerobie rings), the Superdisc Ultra floats. It is made in an assortment of colors (yellow, red, blue, and purple) and is recommended for kids 10 years old and up. The Aerobie Superdisc Ultra is quality made in the U.S.A.


THROWING THE DISCS – If you want any of the Aerobie discs to fly straight, release them level. When people throw conventional flying discs they tend to release them sloping downward to compensate for their tendancy to roll over in flight. With Aerobie discs, this compensation is not needed so throw them level if you want them to fly straight. You can throw an Aerobie disc sloping to the left if you want it to curve left and sloping to the right if you want it to curve right.

SAFE PLAY – As is the case with any thrown object, throw an Aerobie disc only to an alert catcher. Play in a clear space so participants will not accidentally trip over or crash into trees, cars, people, and other hazards. Cease play if there is insufficient light to clearly see the disc in flight.


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